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Frequently Asked Questions

What do families receive when they become a part of the SunniSweets Family initiative?

- Currently, two families per year are selected to receive a gift card to a major grocery store. Additionally, families may receive a SunniSweets basket filled with jumbo muffins, cinnamon rolls and/or cookies. As time progresses, the items received may vary and the number of families may selected may increase.

Can I nominate my own family?

- Absolutely!

Who else can nominate a family?

- Recommendations are accepted from our customers as well as our local schools.

How are families chosen?

- Though we do not request income information, families are selected based on a list of qualifying life events. If you or the family being nominated has a unique situation that is not listed, please elaborate when filling out the form. 

Is there a residential requirement?

- Yes. At this time, families must reside in the Clayton, Dekalb. Henry or Midtown area.

How often can a family receive support from SunniSweets?

- We currently ask for families to only apply once every 6 month to ensure that other families can benefit.

Is there a size requirement or limitation for the family?

- Nope.

Where do I submit an application?

- Please click here to fill out an application. =)

I don't have a nomination or need support but want to help. Can I donate?

- Of course! Please click here.

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