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Giving Back!

Fulfilling a higher purpose

Next to baking, philanthropy is a passion of mine that many don't realize. With SunniSweets, I am striving to not only bring a little sunshine your way but to show you that every little bit counts. I have always enjoyed helping others and continue to hope that whatever I do brings more peace than I realize. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to help the world. The funny thing is, we don't have to fix everything on our own. So what happens when you purchase from SunniSweets?


  • 10% of every purchase goes back into our community

  • Selected products contribute as much as 25% of the purchase towards our goals

  • You help support a SunniSweets Family

     I'm counting on your belief that every little bit makes a huge difference. I can't wait to bring sunshine to your life through my baked goodies while providing you with an effortless way to give back. And don't worry -- if you're unable make a purchase but still want to contribute, you can donate


Let's get to it shall we?

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