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All cakes are made to order. Cakes and cupcakes are simply and beautifully designed unless customized. Fillings and additional adornments available upon request. Please note that the prices listed below are to start and may vary based on your custom adjustments including but not limited to size variations, fillings, and design.


Three-layered cakes

Two-tiered cakes

Three-tiered cakes

Sold by the dozen, these wonderfully delicious packages are perfect for any occasion and are available in any flavor.

Classic flavors       .....   $24

Specialty flavors   .....   $30

Whether you order the cutest funfetti cake or an ultimate peanut butter chocolate creation, all cakes have a 3-layer standard. Starting price(s) listed are for a 6" cake that can feed 8-12 people.

Classic flavors       .....  $60

Specialty flavors   .....  $70

Perfect for anything from birthdays to weddings, these cakes are a staple in the cake world. Starting price(s) listed are for 4" and 6" cakes that can feed 14-20 people. Includes up to 2 cake flavors. 

Classic flavors     .....   $100

Specialty flavors  .....   $120

Even a beautifully simple design accentuates the magnificent stature of this cake. Starting price(s) listed are for 4", 6" and 8" cakes that can feed 36-44 people. Includes up to 3 cake flavors.

Classic flavors    .....    $250

Specialty flavors .....   $300

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